Bud's #BlackFriday Roundup!

This article is adapted from MoneySavingExperts post. We’ve gone through it and pulled out our top picks if you are up for a splurge!

Remember, Black Friday is good fun, but don’t get too sucked in by the hype. Don’t buy something on a credit card that will put you in bad stead for the coming months. In December bills increase and living costs often go up slightly. For an up-to-date view of your ‘True Balance’ sign up to Bud to quickly get a better idea of what money you have to play with.


Last year Apple didn’t play the Black Friday game. But this year it’s back! Claiming there will be a a ‘One Day Shopping Event’ on the 25th. Details are pretty vague at this point, but if you are looking for a new MacBook Pro, iPhone7, Apple Watch 2 or iPad… it might be worth popping down to your local Apple store and seeing what you can grab.



Amazon this year are listing two types of deal:

The Lightning Deal. A ticking time bomb of moneysaving power. Items with a countdown clock posted every five minutes that can land you some seriously good gear for not a lot of dosh.

No End Date. Yep, some sale items don’t even have an end date. So, make sure you have a look and see what’s on offer. Items that we liked the look of include:

Harry Potter full set for £22… the cheapest its ever been on Amazon
Fire HD 6 tablet 6"16 GB for £60… again, the cheapest its ever been listed on Amazon.



20% off everything (almost) with the code GOGOGO
This deal lasts until 9am Tuesday, but stocks might run dry by Monday…
The deal works on full price items and existing sale items, so if something is 70% off pre-Black Friday then… yeah, pretty good deal.
This deal works up to £500 (pre-voucher price) so, have a look about and see what you can get. On first glance there are a pair of Stan Smith trainers that made our wish list.


John Lewis

This kind of kills this post… Because if you go into a John Lewis and find a Black Friday price elsewhere that’s cheaper than theirs they’ll match it. Officially it will match both online and offline prices, so if you load up your phone with Amazon pages and take it to JL you can take your stuff home that day (stock permitting obviously).

One thing to remember is John Lewis often includes longer warranties on sales, so this could be one to look at seriously.


Thats our little roundup, happy shopping ✌️

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