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It's no secret that the world of finance is changing... but what is surprising, is the rate in which it's happening. Last week, news broke that yet another high street bank, Lloyds, was cutting 1200 jobs which adds to an ever growing list.

In the past month alone, the following institutions have announced redundancies; ING, BNP Paribas and Danske Bank. The general reasoning: to cut costs by either closing branches and to invest in 'digital transformation'. When you look into what's coming, you can see why.

More and more challenger banks are entering the market with some truly exciting and innovative propositions. They are customer and digitally focused first - and guess what; have no branches. No branches... means low running costs. Low running costs... well, we'll wait and see what that brings.

At Bud, we are embracing that change with a vision to simplify personal finance. We are partnering with traditional banks, new banks and other financial services so we can bring them all together in one place, but we also need your help...

Join the Bud community now and create the future of banking with us. By joining the community you will shape the way our site and app works. You'll be helping us build the perfect finance platform for your needs - you can tell us anything and we will try us best to build it - imagine the possibilities. In return for your insight and interaction you will be the first to be offered:

  • Access to the full Bud platform 😍
  • Invites to Bud events including hackathons, captivating speakers with 🍻 and 🍕 as standard!
  • First options to invest in Bud 💷💰
  • A chance to change the future ⏳

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Bud is the ultimate financial assistant that links all of your bank accounts, investments, and other financial services on one site, the way personal finance should be.

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