In Brief: London, the capital of FinTech

London – our colourful, cosmopolitan capital – has gained another accolade. According to Anthony Hilton, London is a world leader in FinTech. As a hub of both finance and innovative technology, it’s no surprise.

The evidence supports his argument: British FinTech companies raised nearly £680m last year, with the majority of investment reaching London based companies.

So, in the spirit of celebrating London’s success, over here at Bud we thought we’d profile some FinTech companies that are making waves in London.


What they do

TransferWise is a peer-to-peer currency transfer system. It sounds complicated, but it’s remarkably simple: TransferWise matches people looking to send currencies in different directions, cutting out the actual international transfer part.

For example, if you want to send €100 to a friend in Germany, and a German (let’s call him Hans) wants to send £100 to his friend the UK, TransferWise will match the transfers, giving your pounds to Hans’s friend in London, and his Euros to your friend in Berlin. The money never leaves the borders.

Why you’ll like them

Put simply, you’ll save absolutely loads in bank fees. When you send money abroad with your bank, they take both a fixed fee and a fee built into the exchange rate. TransferWise gives you the real, mid-market exchange rate (like the one you’d see on a currency site like and a flat fee.


What they do

Blockchain is a free online wallet for Bitcoin. (For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a pretty nifty, online, decentralised, anonymous currency.) It lets you spend and store your Coins, and has developed software for businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Why you’ll like them

If you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast (or newbie), use Blockchain as your digital wallet. It’s secure and easy to use. And if you’re a business, get edgy and start accepting Bitcoin. Let the Shoreditch coffee shop hipsters and the cool, Northern Quarter Mancunians feel looked after.


What they do

Small businesses are often left waiting months for client payments, which can lead to cash flow problems – a challenge for growing businesses. MarketInvoice is a peer-to-peer lending system that lets small businesses quickly turn their unpaid invoices into cash.

Why you’ll like them

If you run a small business, you probably identify with the pain point MarketInvoice is trying to alleviate. Liquidate your unpaid invoices (sometimes on the same day) and help your business grow.


What they do

Seedrs is making investment a little more egalitarian. An equity-based crowdfunding platform, it lets you invest in startups with as little as £10. Seedrs increases the capital available to small businesses and startups, as well as offering the Average Joe the opportunity to build an investment portfolio.

Why you’ll like them

Myriad reasons. Perhaps a friend or family member is starting a business you’d like to invest in. Or perhaps you have a business idea that needs a little capital, too. Or maybe you’d just like to share the wealth of a business idea that you believe in.

You can tell that we’re excited by London’s innovative FinTech startups that are breaking the mould of finance, and more importantly, helping people and businesses flourish.

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