Money and Food

It’s a strange parallel to draw, but think about personal health. I know that what I do or don’t do can effect my body: I choose this diet and that workout plan I lose weight; I choose a different diet and different workout plan and I gain muscle; I eat bad and sit on my arse… I get fat.

I am motivated to eat well and exercise because I can see and feel the effects that are happening to me. Those choices I make, regardless of how small, matter. But they are my choices. With banking I don’t feel the same way because the tangible things aren’t mine to effect, the bank will tell me what I can and can’t do, what I do and don’t qualify for. I can’t experiment with ‘money diets’ that help me achieve my goal, nor can I tailor a ‘fund fitness plan’ for myself to get back in shape.

We are creating a platform where you are in control. You can find the products that will give you a tangible result.

Make the choices and see the benefit.

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