Are you also living in ignorant spend bliss?

Bud has opened up my eyes to my true spending habits and frankly, it's a little frightening!

Where I thought I was spending the majority of my disposable income on my wife and child, I was shocked to see - in full view - my financial love affair with the pub.

I am a loyal patron of 'The Old Dairy' in Stroud Green, but considering I don't always use the same card I never really knew my total spend there.

We've all been in the awkward situation of a card decline at the bar, in that situation I default to my credit card as back-up. It turns out, I've defaulted to that credit card more often than I'd like! With Bud I just need to type 'Old Dairy' in the search bar, and there they are... clear as day. The true amount I have spent across my different accounts.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I change my habits (spending and drinking) or press on, no longer in blissful ignorance?

Answers on a postcard please...

Sign up to Bud online or download the app and see how your spending really looks.

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