Company spotlight: Swanest

Q.1. What is your company and/or product called?

Swanest, Your digital investment assistant.

Q.2. What kind of customer is your product for (and you can’t say everyone)?

Swanest caters to digital investors in Europe. These are self-directed individuals that already invest or intend to invest in the stock market. They tend to be comfortable managing their money themselves and want to start investing with a little bit of money. Usually, they are younger - Millennials and Gen X - and have a strong need for digital tools when investing. Most of them are keen to learn more about investing.

Q.3. How does your product help people?

When investing, people are usually confronted with a lot of complexity and questions that they need to answer; what are good investment products? how should I allocate them? what does this mean in terms of risk? how should I further diversify? can I reach my objectives with my investments? how can I manage my portfolios over time…? etc.

Swanest looks at all of these questions a self-directed investor faces and uses algorithms & automation to provide meaningful assistance along the way.

This way, we make intelligent investing simple.

Q.4. How does it work? (lets not get too technical here…)

Our users can access Swanest online. Without creating an account, our assistant will analyse the kind of investor a person is and help him or her build and understand an investment strategy that is tailored to them. The investments are then simulated by Swanest. Once a user feels comfortable they can invest real money. Swanest will keep an eye on the investments and help manage their portfolios over time.

Q.5. What else can you tell us about it?

We are currently developing Swanest with our users, meaning what you see online is not our final version. We are currently gathering feedback in order to better understand the needs of our users.

We want to encourage everyone to send us their ideas and inputs in order to help us build a product you will truly love. To start, why don't you vote for features you want us to develop in the future:

Your input is very much appreciated!

Q.6. What does the future hold for Swanest?

Our users will be able to invest through Swanest in the future. We will then gradually apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide an even more personalised investment experience.

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