Welcome to our blog!

Hi and welcome to our blog!

Here, you will be hearing from this lot:

  • Ed - Co-founder and CEO
  • George - Co-founder and CTO
  • Merlin - Lead Developer
  • Chris - Lead Designer
  • Me (Jamie) - Head of Experience.

What you can expect is a whole bunch of stuff like this:

Bud point of view

Everyone who works at Bud is extremely passionate about what they do… so you will no doubt hear thought pieces and commentary on the financial technology market.

Guest point of view

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. So expect to see a raft of content from other people who are extremely passionate about what they do, too!

Bud updates

Every week we have new developments on the platform and new relationships with partners. Where we can, we’ll keep you posted!

Focus on great financial technology companies

We will have a regular focus on great fintech products. We will cover who they are and what they do and how they will benefit people. If you want your company to be added to our waiting list of companies just drop me a line! Jamie(at)thisisbud(dot)com

Other cool stuff

We are all about people going out and living life and we will write about things that are going on around the UK and what we’ve been up to.

Well, thats that.

All that’s left to say is we hope you enjoy whats to come! :)

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