What happens when everyone in finance is working for you?

I am pretty excited about the quality of financial products being built right now. A new wave of technologists working in finance are building products that just work. They are making life easier and effortless. I admit, at first I thought these were like old cars with new paint and sweet rims. But one look under the hood and you realise, it’s not a car at all.

There are roughly six thousand of these new products in development. How do we get them all to work for us? Well, first you need to find them.

The problem with finding the right products that match my spending habits, income, short term and long term goals is it takes a lot of time, and access to the right information can be hard. Bud simplifies this.

Enter plain text commands into our action bar and instantly set up an international payment. We'll show the best products that'll get the job done. Hit confirm. Job done. Get on with life.

This way of engaging with finance means you can have hundreds of products working for you in a connected and seamless way. And when the finance world is working for you, you can get more out of life.

Bud is working on some exciting stuff. All will be announced in the run up to our launch this year! Our plan is to be a global platform, right now we are focusing on getting it right in the UK. If you are based outside of the UK feel free to sign up and we can notify you when we launch in your region.

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